Review: Lions In the Garden

Lions in the Garden (The Uprising)Lions in the Garden by Chelsea Luna
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lions in the Garden
Chelsea Luna
Lyrical Press
Pub Date- March 1st, 2016
Source- Netgalley

First I want to thank Netgalley and the Publisher for letting me read this. I have a strong love for historical fictions that take place in a time of history that I know little about. Also that take place in places I want to go. I really think this book hit the mark there for me. I enjoyed that aspect very much, learning about Prague and a little of its history. There were a couple things I did have trouble with, but understand I finished the book beside that fact.

I found the relationship maybe a little to Insta-love, but I really sort of think maybe I worked past this point, as the two characters really thought about what their relationship really meant. Yet with the issues that their relationship should have made them question, and truthfully there were many, none of them were resolved in this book.

I really thought things dragged a little in the beginning, and I was hoping for something to happen. Yes maybe the secret relationship was sort of exciting, but really it just seemed like one conversation after another. There were several eye-rolling moments at the heroine and the hero and well the three dimwits that came along. Talk about always being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it was after this point that things picked up a little.

Those were my two big issues, the first one may be easy to overlook, but the second was the bigger reason I just couldn’t give it it four stars. So the story did get going and I found myself liking the main character of Mila. She still has some growing up to do, but I think she just started finding her strengths in the end. She stopped being the damsel in distress…and started a revolution. I really liked the gypsy camp, of course gypsies are fascinated I think.

I would recommend this to someone who liked historical fiction, the time period is sort of fascinating. The political and religious issues that were underlying factors in this book give it back a half a star.

So overall rating 3.5 stars, and yes I will read book 2 as things just started to be going somewhere in the end. I hope that momentum in carried over.

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