Reviews: Air Awakens and Fire Falling

It might seem a little strange to review two books at once. However I never reviewed Air awakens, and my review on Goodreads for Fire Falling was more like a rant than an actually review. So hear we are:

Air Awakens by Elise Kova

I started this book expecting something grand, it had gotten a tremendous amount of love on Twitter. The author is also very active on Twitter and I had seen her in a few twitter chats. One thing that first got me was the cover, I think one could suspect maybe even like a graphic novel with a cover like that. So right off the bat I really liked Vhalla, she was an Librarian, well sort of like one anyways. I guess it was more of a researcher than anything. One of the kingdoms Princes was injured and Vhalla and her fellow researchers were tasked with finding a remedy.

This is where life sort of makes a turn, a mysterious stranger starts living Vhalla notes in the books. And finally curiosity got the best of Vhalla and she decides to meet this man and discuss the fact that he thinks that she has some dormant powers.

I sort of have to laugh at the…lets awaken your powers part. I had to go reread it and shake my head. The mysterious man turned out to be Aldrik the prince that was injured. Aldrik is the brooding  Mr. Darcy type. He is less popular than his brother, “the handsome one.”

So this is the getting to know you part…you know something something like a musical montage that shows what Vhalla and Aldrik are doing. (Its fun to read so I am leaving out the details)

So the climax is also fun to read, but lets just say that things go good to bad to horrible. The two main characters get close, but I think they are in denial. Its that gosh awful way of “We shouldn’t, but we are”, and “We can’t but perhaps” its just a good way to agonize the reader.

So lets talk about book 2

Fire Falling:

Like I said in my introduction, my review for book 2 was a rant on Goodreads, I didn’t give myself the proper time to process my feelings. So I finished Book 2 in December and I am finally ready to write something. Just in time for Earth’s End to make me feel all over again.

We are on our way to the front, and maybe I left out details to understand why the change of setting, but really I am trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible. Vhalla is now growing and changing, she has accepted the fate that was handed to her in book one and is trying her best to handle it. She is training to be a soldier and to control her powers.

Her relationship with Aldrik…is a tension filled bottle about to explode. Its clearly evident how they feel about each other to everyone else, but themselves. I am leaving it there, because clearly I had such a hard time with this.

I like the growing relationships that Vhalla has with the others around her. But seriously lets not get to attached to people…because you know there can always be a red wedding scene or something like that. (I am being completely unfair to the author here and I sincerely apologize for it)

Did I like the ending, heck no I didn’t like the ending…after leaving all those feelings behind, I seriously wanted to throw the Kindle across the room and cry in a massive puddle of despair. (Gosh I wasn’t going to go there but I couldn’t help it again I apologize to the author)

Okay that is short, but its less ranty, well maybe not…sigh I give up.  So now we have book three…which I have heard has another surprise at the end. I am ready so bring it on.



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